2016 Big Muddy Blues Festival A Tremendous Success! 

Hats off to the Big Muddy Blues Festival!  This year’s event was a total success.  There were three outdoor stages located within a two block square on Laclede’s Landing in St. Louis.  These were complimented by stage performances in three venues located in the same area.  All in all it was a fantastically coordinated event.  There are kudos to go around to a lot of folks but Jeremy Segel-Moss, the current President of the St. Louis Blues Society was the key coordinator of the event. Additionally, other members of the St. Louis Blues Society worked hand-in-hand to contribute to this fantastic festival.

This year’s concept was to feature an “all St. Louis” line up of musicians to provide the entertainment.  There were no disappointments, by any means.  St. Louis has a rich heritage in the blues.  The festival had a cooperative agreement with recently opened National Blues Museum to provide an opportunity for festival attendees to tour the museum, attend special tributes to Johnnie Johnson and Henry Townsend, and to savor the historical richness of the blues.

Con14199337_10154493229784483_706713695308456700_ngratulation to everyone involved in the production of the 2016 Big Muddy Blues Festival for an overwhelming success.  We’re already looking forward to the 2017 even2016-Big-Muddy-Blues-Festival-Lineup-Sheett!


Check out this year’s line up —————– ->

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