Important Message from MO Blues President 

Fellow Blues Lovers:

You are receiving this email because you are either a current or former member of MO Blues Association, Inc.  As a member of MO Blues, you have the right and obligation to select the board members who will guide the association through the next year(s).

As a dues-paying member, you are entitled to vote on matters that are subject to membership approval, and you are also qualified and encouraged to seek a position on the board of directors. Serving on the board is an important role that must be filled by a few willing individuals, in order for MO Blues to continue meeting its obligations to the membership and fulfilling the MO Blues Mission Statement.

As of the distribution of this email, there are a number of current board members who will NOT be seeking another term on the MO Blues board. The reasons are varied, but none of them are because of disillusionment or dissent with the direction that MO Blues is heading.  Mainly, those individuals who are stepping down are still committed to assisting MO Blues in its efforts but just not in a formal capacity.  Most of them have served for quite a few years and feel that it is time for “new faces” to set the future course for MO Blues.

The MO Blues Association, Inc. has been successful in maintaining a solid financial foundation to support our efforts.  By participating in the Missouri Employees Charitable Contribution Campaign and by conducting independent fund raisers (i.e. Blue Sunday, the Holiday Blues Blast, Blues Jam raffles, etc.), MO Blues has consistently been able to provide funding for the Blues In The Schools program, support other local art and multicultural events, and be a leader in promoting local live blues music.

Without the necessary leadership and the dedication of time and effort of the members, MO Blues will not be able to continue to engage in these programs.

The amount of time needed is not enormous; the necessary effort is not overwhelming. It will just take a small group of individuals who will make the commitment to keeping MO Blues moving forward.

A nomination committee is currently chaired by MO Blues Vice President, Kerry Cordray.  If you are willing to keep MO Blues alive and help it move forward by serving as a board member, please respond to this email and let us know. If you are interested, you can contact Kerry Cordray at 573-694-5883.

We will plan to vote on a slate of board members by February 9, 2017. The deadline for getting your name on the ballot is February 2, 2017.  Please consider this request. Your involvement may ensure the continued life and vitality of MO Blues Association, Inc.

If some additional willing Association members do not step forward to serve on the Board, without adequate leadership in terms of the number of people and the necessary effort, even in terms of limited time, dedicated to keeping the organization functioning, it could possibly become necessary for the remaining current Board members to consider the radical step of dissolving MO Blues Association, Inc. in accordance with provisions in the organization’s bylaws, and donating the resources of the organization to another organization with a similar mission statement.  It goes without saying that this would be an unfortunate epitaph for an organization that has promoted blues music for almost twenty years.


Kris Webber, MO Blues President

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