Mick Byrd & The Backroad Band

Mick Byrd & The Backroad Band are bringing fans in the Midwest some of the best foot stompin,’ hand clappin,’ original Roots & Ozark Blues to come out of the Heartland! Warm, powerful vocals & Santana-esque guitar riffs laid on top of sweet rhythm acoustic guitar, topped off with the groove of innovative cajón, combine to provide listeners with tunes you can really get your ears around. Mick’s new CD, “Roots and Ozark Blues,” was released in St. Louis in April of 2015 & is currently receiving radio airplay in select stations around the globe.

The Backroad Band plays over a wide, geographic area throughout MO, with some out of state shows as well. In addition, Mick, who is a MO Arts Council Approved Touring Performer, maintains a solo tour schedule.  Mick says, “We pride ourselves on being venue and audience friendly.  We will certainly do our best to provide what you’re looking for.  Most of all, we enjoy what we do.”

Mick Byrd & the Backroad Band is a MO Blues member band.  For booking information and performance schedules, visit their website at Mick Byrd & The Backroad Band.