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MO Blues 2015 T-Shirts are now available!




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The cost is $15 for most sizes.  XXXL and larger are $19.







MO Blues is pleased to be able to offer you these collectible T-shirts.  The shirt is a high quality cotton that will endure numerous trips through the laundry and still retain the vibrant blue coloring.

These T-shirts are the first edition of the new MO Blues logo.  The logo was designed by well-known local artist, Jennifer Neff.  It reflects the dedication of the MO Blues organization to preserving, promoting and supporting the blues.

However, the most significant aspect of these T-shirts is the graphic that is printed on the back.  The artistically geometric guitar design is the artwork of one of MO Blues board members, Cathy Bertolotti.  Sadly, Cathy passed away very suddenly just two days before the T-shirts were available to the public.  These T-shirts note that they are in memory of true blues lover and great supporter of MO Blues, Cathy Bertolotti.

These are truly collector editions!